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18th-Jul-2011 05:35 pm - look i came back!
gold delorean
 but probably not really.
16th-Oct-2009 03:11 am - hey LJ
gold delorean
I feel like I have been avoiding you because so many of my friends have been neglecting or canceling their accounts. It makes me sad, sad the same way I am sad that no one uses myspace anymore,  Everyone is all facebooky now and shit.  I don't really like or understand facebook.  I feel like I have lost my online community.  While this makes me feel bad it is also OK because now I am forced to not spend so much time on the intertubes.  That means I have to interface with the world for social interactions.  That has to be a good thing, right?
24th-Sep-2009 01:42 am - hi dere
gold delorean
sorry i have been ignoring you.  shit is tits.
12th-Aug-2009 03:35 pm(no subject)
gold delorean
Hooray for stuff and things!
7th-Jun-2009 02:28 am - holy shit balls.
gold delorean
The High Rollers fucking won tonight.  We are playing for the Championship for the first time in league history.  This could possibly be one of the best nights ever.  I don't think i have ever played better. 

HRMF 2009.  So fucking stoked.
23rd-May-2009 02:20 am - more fun with new kitty
gold delorean
So I think I'm gonna start a Letterman style skit with Link.  'Will He Eat It?'  (Insert a catchy little Paul Shaffer jingle here)
The premise is simple.  Just try to feed the cat a bunch of random shit to see if he'll it eat.

So far we know that new kitty will eat;
Potato Chips
Mac and Cheese with cut up hotdogs

...And who knows what kinds of Shenanigans will ensure next time!  Anyone have any ideas?  If I got it, I'm gonna feed it to him!

19th-May-2009 07:57 pm - I think new kitty is Italian
gold delorean
I got a new kitty from Longview (insert meth jokes here) about a month back.  His name is Link and he is very tiny and part tabby/part siamese.    His transition to the household has been going well.  He likes the humans and gets along well with Gangie, even if Gangie is insane with jealousy.  He has a problem with scratching, but luckily the scratching posts seem to be helping to save the furniture.

Over the past few days I've noticed that Link has turned into quite a scavenger; eating food off of plates, picking shit up off the floor and trying to eat it, licking gross things that most would assume cats wouldn't lick, etc. The other night he ate a generous portion of my spaghetti straight off the plate, and last night enjoyed some of my pizza.   He has the worst cat farts I've ever smelled and doesn't cover his duece in the litter box.  Other than that, he's pretty sweet. 

Here's a picure of him----> 
16th-May-2009 03:11 am - dear LJ,
gold delorean
Why are s many people just naturally D-BAGS?

and why would they try to fake like they weren't dbags until they feel comfortable letting their true colors show?

God, i hate d-bags.

Oh yeah, and happy birthday to me!
28th-Jan-2009 11:29 pm - OMG.
gold delorean
I just made AoA!
12th-Nov-2008 09:51 pm - Why has god forsaken us?
gold delorean
I always envisioned the Reef and I growing old together. Life is not fair.


Fire closes King Solomon's Reef in downtown Olympia

OLYMPIA – A kitchen fire started about 7:15 a.m. today at the downtown King Solomon's Reef, filling the restaurant with smoke and causing firefighters to punch at least one hole in the roof as they put out the blaze.

One customer who was in a bathroom when the kitchen fire started missed the initial evacuation of staff and was briefly trapped in the restaurant, Olympia Assistant Fire Chief Greg Wright said. Wright said it’s possible the man could not find his way out because the thick smoke spread quickly throughout the restaurant, limiting visibility.

Firefighters had to break out a front window and drag the man out before he was transported from the scene by an ambulance, neighbor Tammy Worthington said. The man was "pounding on the front windows trying to get out," she said. "They busted the window out and they dragged him out," Worthington said.

Wright said the man was transported to Providence St. Peter Hospital. Wright said he did not believe the man’s injuries were life-threatening because he was able to give a statement to firefighters from the hospital, albeit with a face covered by soot. All of the staff members and about four or five other breakfast customers were able to leave safely, Wright said.

The kitchen fire caused extensive smoke damage and likely will close the restaurant, at least for today, Wright said. Beyond that, Wright did not have details about how long the Reef, a fixture in downtown Olympia for many years, would be closed.

Wright estimated the dollar value of the damages at about $100,000.

Ryan Miyake, who was having a cup of coffee at the Reef when the fire started in the kitchen area, said everyone was calm as the restaurant was evacuated, but the area filled up with smoke quickly.

"I was sitting at the counter and I saw the cook come over to the waitress and say there was a fire," he said. "They just couldn’t get it under control. By the time I got out the door the smoke was mostly at head level."

The fire was quickly extinguished by firefighters from the Olympia Fire Department, Lacey Fire District, East Olympia Fire District 6, North Olympia Fire District 7 and South Bay Fire District 8, Wright said. About 35 to 40 firefighters battled the blaze in all, he said.

Fourth Street was shut down until about 8:30 a.m. because of the firefighting activities. Wright said firefighters punched one or two holes in the roof of the Reef, to allow heat and smoke to escape.

The owner of the Reef, Rich Phillips, was on scene this morning, but said he did not want to immediately comment. Said Wright, "The owner said he’s going to clean it up and get it back open as quickly as he can."
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